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Theo has been concerned about our future from a young age.

  • Your child knows what a newspaper is.
  • You begin a lot of stories with: “When I was a child, we didn’t HAVE [insert pretty much everything from computers to mini-yogurts ]…
  • You’re surprised there’s a free-range parenting movement; you thought it was the norm (When I was a child we left the house at dawn and came home when the street lights came on …)
  • You say inane things like “40 isn’t the new 30; 50 is!”
  • Hand-me-downs are not the exception (That oversized rusty bike is just fine!)
  • You have a running tally (on one hand) of mothers with same-aged kids who are older than you.

Mastering the rotary phone

  • Your child often asks to talk on the telephone, and is on a first-name basis with telemarketers.
  • Your friends’ children are all the perfect age to babysit.
  • You often tell your child to just “Go play outside!” (and as Melissa of The Thirties Grind would say, “don’t come in unless you’re bleeding or it’s dinner!”)
  • Your child frequently asks if you are tired and then tells YOU to go take a nap.

And the #1 sign that you might be an older parent …

  • Your child runs into your room every morning and says “Mommy, you got a sore back?”

NB: I would add being mistaken for your child’s grandmother but that’s never happened to me for obvious reasons.

Are you an “older” parent?  How does it play out for you? 


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StrocelReviewButtonDaily blogging is a great way to recapture the writing mojo. Sometimes my May posts were big and heavy –a real struggle– and some just emerged in a heartbeat, fully formed.

Parenthood makes me nostalgic for today – and nostalgic for things I never experienced .

Adoptees have much to teach us about adoption simply by sharing their stories and speaking their truth. Somewhere Between and Closure are must-sees for anyone in adoption but also stand on their own as captivating stories. The ballet doc, First Position also has a violent but ultimately uplifting adoption story to tell.

Adoption is heavy. Apparently, I need to start every adoption documentary by crying but that’s what adoption does. Watching two adoption docs and reading one adoption book (all excellent) was a bit of adoption overload.

Great photos are possible with an iPhone and a simple app that allows cropping and a filter (in this case Inkwell on Instagram).


Three-and-a-half year olds can focus and play for long periods alone and with other kids with minimal intervention. Whether it’s evenings at the playground , light sabers on the sidewalk or solo play-fighting with Wolverine or a robot, hours can fly by.

Don't leave home without them.

Don’t leave home without them.

Mother’s Day continues to be a head trip. Isn’t it time to just let it go?

This microcosm of how trying things can be with a 3-year-old doesn’t eclipse the joys.

What did you learn or relearn last month?

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Subtitle: Dead ant (repeat)


He’s pulling the legs off ants!

I should not be allowing this.

Who cares? Ants are a pest.

I should be teaching compassion.

He seems to zen-like in his focus.

This is the first step towards serial killing.

He’s so happy down there on the ground ‘playing with ants.’

He needs to know it’s not okay to kill sentient beings.

We eat meat for God’s sake!

But we don’t eat meat for fun; we eat it to nourish ourselves.

What will the other parents think?

There’s no one around.

He’ll make a great exterminator.

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What Theo said


Bad words 

“Mom! “I not saying Stupidhead!” (repeat)

“Mom! “You say Idiot; Idiot not nice.” (repeat)

“Mom! He say, Shut up! Shut up not nice.” (repeat)

“Mom I can say acker?” Me: “Um … OK.” [Starts banging his plastic superheroes together like they are fighting].” “You acker! No! You acker!”

Relationship confusion

Me: “Hey Theo. Who’s your mama?”

Theo: “Daddy is.”

* * *

Me: “Theo, who’s my baby?”

Theo: “Mommy.”

Life and death

“Mom… I want to go outside to  kill ants.”

“Mom … it’s a snail … I can kill it?”

“Mom. That man [points at severely disabled man at the pool], he ALIVE! “
(The man’s careworker says hello to us every week, which spurs Theo on to stare, point and comment despite our conversations about pointing and feelings.)


“Mom? You bring a Popsicle to the pool so I can eat it after swimming?”

Two Sikh men on a bench

The two seated men have identical turbans, grey beards and immaculate curled moustaches.

Theo starting at them and excitedly pointing back and forth: “THEY THE SAME!”

Above comic by Adi

What weird/awkward/silly things have your kids said recently?



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Nostalgic for today


I am nostalgic for the way you:

skip when you walk down the street.

jump off every available boulder, fence, rock wall, chair or log.

laugh hysterically when you see a movie or TV pratfall.

go ballistic with excitement when you see your friends.

are game for anything.

dunk yourself in the ocean just because.

enjoy a popsicle like it’s one of the universe’s great gifts.

always answer “better” when I ask how you’re swollen eye is doing.

approach everyone with a big smile, eager and willing to chat.

say something inadvertently funny everyday.

are so big but still so small.

Does parenting make you nostalgic ahead of schedule?

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Don’t Break It
At home

Me: Theo … don’t break it … Theo try not to break that … Theo, if you break, that it won’t work … right? … understand? … THEO! YOU BROKE IT!

* * *

I Want It!
At a friend’s house

Blackboard wars.

Blackboard wars.

Theo: I WANT IT!

Friend: NO!

Theo: I WANT IT!

Friend: I WANT IT!

Me: Stop fighting or I’ll take it away! [I have no idea what it is]

Item revealed: A used transit ticket.

Friend’s mom runs off to get another ticket.

Smiles. Peace restored.

* * *

I’m Black Spiderman
At the playground

Black Spiderman.

Black Spiderman.

Theo: Hey boy! Wanna play Spiderman?!

Boy: I’m Spiderman!

Theo: No! I’m Spiderman!

Boy: Okay but I’m RED Spiderman, and you’re BLACK spiderman!

Theo: Okay!” [starts running top speed] “I’M BLACK SPIDERMAN!! I’M BLACK SPIDERMAN!!

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The Love List

In late-breaking honour of the international day of love, I present the Love List!

LOVE: Theo, of course. Even though, he’s not a fan of my paparazzi-like enthusiasm, he can still pull one out for the camera.


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Can I play Lego now?

LOVE: Our weekly outing to the pool where I spend an extra hour watching Theo jump, twirl and dive (illegally) of the side of the pool, practice the dog paddle, and loudly point out bodily imperfections.

LOVE: Oovoo for allowing us to video conference with Theo’s birthparents in two separate locations while chasing a saber-wielding child around the house with a laptop.

LOVE: Crocus-popping, bike-riding weather.

BIking with a buddy.

BIking with a buddy.

LOVE: A husband/dad who knows how to really BE with his son.

LOVE: As tiny Valentine that arrived in an envelope addressed to Theo from a secret admirer. He carried it around in his pocket for days.

LOVE: A best pal’s birthday party.

Goofing around.

Post-cake high.

LOVE: Daycare treats that magically appeared in his cubby hole.

LOVE: The spontaneous adoration of a three-year-old. “Mama, day boy, he has a stinky bum!” (Loudly in the library.) Hard finger-wagging stare from me. “Mama… [pause] I LOVE YOU!!”

Did you feel the LOVE this past week or did Valentine’s day just put you in bad mood? Do tell!

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